More Nosferatu than Twilight: New ‘Salem’s Lot’ to Make Vampires Scary Again


The Stephen King vampire novel Salem’s Lot is slated to be remade (again) with Lewis Pullman in the lead. And the actor is eager to revive the fear of vampires. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, the actor previewed the goals for the upcoming Salem’s Lot adaptation. The most notable being returning them to their original state as the scary creatures they originally were instead of the dazzling sweethearts they had become with films like Twilight.


“It’s really exciting to bring vampires back. They’ve become a little bit sparkly and not so scary. When they originated, they were terrifying. I think Gary’s really keen on bringing that back, and I think [Salem’s Lot] is going to do it. I’ve been genuinely terrified on the set multiple times, so that’s a good sign. I think he did a great job.”


In the remake of Salem’s Lot, which is directed by Gary Dauberman, Pullman plays Ben Mears, a writer who goes back to his childhood home of Jerusalem’s Lot in search of inspiration but finds that it is being terrorized by a vampire, forcing him to join forces with a motley crew to fight it. The book has been adapted numerous times, usually for television and in the form of miniseries, with David Soul and Rob Lowe playing Ben Mears in 1979 and 2004 respectively.



Tobe Hooper directed the iconic television adaptation of the novel in 1979. It aired as a miniseries, but its three-hour run time means it’s also viewable as a straight movie. Salem’s Lot was the first King novel to be adapted into a miniseries. Its success inspired many of his other works to be adapted into a miniseries.


Dauberman’s adaptation of the Stephen King novella will be a full film, a difficult job given the length of the book.


“Talk about scary for two reasons! Because it’s Stephen King, and the legacy is strong for a reason. And then also the material. Salem’s Lot is just one of the coolest books, and I think there’s a reason why it hasn’t been made into a feature. It’s been made into these two-part series, but it’s such a long book. It’s hard to condense that into a feature length film, but [writer-director] Gary Dauberman has really tapped into the vein of this genre. It feels like he has liberty to play with it a little bit and reinvent it.”


‘Salem’s Lot (1975) is the second novel published by Stephen King, after Carrie and before The Shining. Throughout the 80s, King maintained it was his favorite story he had ever written. The plot follows a writer named Ben Mears, who grew up in a small town in Maine called Jerusalem’s Lot, or ‘Salem’s Lot for short. Mears returns to Salem’s Lot after 25 years away to write his next book about the malevolent Marsten House, only to find that the house has been purchased by a vampire who is quickly taking over the town.




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