Mike Judge’s ‘King of the Hill’ in Negotiations for a Revival

In recent years, many shows from the past have been given revivals. Twin PeaksGilmore GirlsReno 911!RoseanneAnimaniacs and more have all reinvigorated fan favorite shows whose time in the sun had seemingly run out. Soon we may be able to add another animated revival to the list.


SlashFilm is reporting that King of the Hill co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are in the middle of negotiations to bring back the animated series that originally aired on FOX for 13 seasons.

It is said that, if negotiations are completed, the King of the Hill revival would have all the characters aged 15 years. Most animated sitcoms never actually see their characters age, even after episodes where they have birthdays. But in this case, it may make sense to have the characters of the show grow older. Not only does it make for an entirely new comedic dynamic, but it allows them to explain away the potential absence of Luanne Leanne Platter Kleinschmidt, who was voiced by the late Brittany Murphy, as well as Elroy “Lucky” Kleinschmidt, voiced by the late Tom Petty.

Meghan Murphy

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