Look for This in ‘WandaVision’ as it Premieres This Week on Disney+

Marvel Studios has to make some big shifts in their plans once the pandemic hit. This week’s debut of WandaVision was originally supposed to take place after the theatrical release of Black WidowThe Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It would also run after the premiere of Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. Many fans are wondering how much this shifting around has affected the overall narrative that the MCU is known for.

While talking with the New York Times recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige indicated that the overall plan hadn’t been significantly affected. “If the run we had in 2018 and 2019 had gotten disrupted this way, in the buildup to ‘Endgame,’ it would have been a bigger headache,” he said. “With these projects, it worked well,” he added that the debut dates for the TV shows were shifted only “by a matter of weeks.”


Kevin Feige recently spoke to the New York Times about the state of Marvel Studios and the upcoming batch of Disney+ series. The advent of the streaming service allows Marvel to explore areas of the MCU that hadn’t gotten much attention in the past. “The entirety of the love story between Wanda and Vision was basically one shot in ‘Age of Ultron’ where he swoops in to rescue her, they make eye contact and fly away. Then a bit more in ‘Civil War,’ a bit more in ‘Infinity War,’ but it all goes bad very quickly in that movie.” Yet their romance in the comic had built up over several decades.


Feige said this is their chance to honor the complexity of the title characters and Wanda’s reality-warping abilities.


WandaVision premiers this Friday with two episodes, just a few weeks from the original planned December release. Falcon and the Winter Soldier on the other hand was originally set to premiere in August of 2020 and will now air starting March 19th, 2021. That seems like more than a few weeks.



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