Matt Reeves’ The Batman Quickly Solidifying Its Cast

Robert Pattinson was announced as the new Bruce Wayne back in May. Now some of his co-stars are being announced.


THR reports that Westworld star Jeffrey Wright is in negotiations to play Commissioner Gordon, the classic ally to the Dark Knight, in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Robert Pattinson is headlining what is being planned as a grounded take as the DC Comics crime-fighter. Casting is in the early stages for a who’s who of Batman’s rogue gallery.



Jonah Hill is in talks to join Pattinson and Wright in the cast.  As for who Hill is playing, that’s still being worked out as well, but sources say he’s being eyed for a villain role.


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Jim Gordon, depending on what stage career-wise the character is portrayed, is the police commissioner or a detective at the Gotham City Police Department and Batman’s reluctant ally. In recent screen appearances, Gary Oldman played the role in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, while J.K. Simmons played the role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Reeves will be directing from his own script for the Warner Bros./DC feature and will produce with his Planet of the Apes collaborator Dylan Clark. Pre-production on the Warner Bros.-DC Comics movie is expected to start this summer.


The Batman is set for a June 25, 2021, release.

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