Marvel Zombies Animated Series Will Be Shortest Disney+ Series Yet


Marvel Studios and Disney+ are currently working on Marvel Zombies. The show is a continuation of an episode from the animated What If…? series, a Marvel anthology episode set in a different time period, where the Avengers must battle the effects of a zombie apocalypse. Excited viewers who want to watch their beloved superheroes transform into flesh-eating monsters are already paying close attention to the show. 


Marvel Zombies executive producer Zeb Wells discussed the show and provided the number of episodes for the upcoming season in an interview with It turns out that with only four episodes, Marvel Zombies will be the shortest MCU Disney+ original.


It’s four episodes, not sure when it comes yet, but it’s looking really cool.



Zeb also talked about his response when he first learned about the spin-off being greenlit. Zeb admits that while he wasn’t associated with the original What If…? episode, he said that it was what excited him to sign on to the project.


I did not do [the Zombie episode] but I’m doing the spin-off. So it’s not out yet. But I love that episode too, so when I got the call that they were going to do a spin-off from that episode, I was like ‘oh yeah, let’s do it.


This will make Marvel Zombies the shortest venture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


The original inspiration for Marvel Zombies comes straight from the comics. While writing Ultimate Fantastic Four, Mark Millar introduced an alternate Earth populated by zombies in 2005’s “Crossover” story-arc, featured in issues #21-23. Marvel liked Millar’s idea so, as he wrote the issues, Marvel sought out pitches for an spin-off miniseries featuring that world entitled Marvel Zombies. When they eventually revisited the zombie world, Marvel hired Robert Kirkman to write and Sean Phillips to illustrate it.


Check out Robert’s retrospective on all of the Marvel Zombies comics here.



This news should put to rest those rumors Mark Millar was sharing a little over a year ago, that a live-action Marvel Zombies film was in the works.  For now, the animated series is expected to arrive in 2024.

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