Marvel Studios Drops ‘Slightly Improved?’ She-Hulk Trailer for Disney+

During their Hall H panel on Saturday, Marvel Studios released the final trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.


Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+


Leading the long in development series is Orphan Black alum Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters and she is joined by Jameela JamilJosh SegarraGinger GonzagaJon BassRenee GoldsberryTim RothMark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong. The trailer showed new footage including scenes with the Abomination, Hulk and Wong from the Doctor Strange franchise.


Fans and critics alike seemed to agree that the newest trailer was much improved.



Perhaps one of the most intriguing moments may be the very last seconds of the trailer that shows us a partial look at the new Daredevil costume, except this one is colored in the yellow and red look that the character first appeared in back in the 60s before switching to all red. This of course confirms the appearance of Charlie Cox in the series, which had been rumored for some time now.


Still, not everyone was impressed. Az from Hawt Toys (aka Heel vs Babyface) thinks this is still a dumpster fire.


She-Hulk Final Trailer BREAKDOWN: Incoming Dumpster Fire!!


The series, Marvel’s first live-action, half-hour comedy, debuts August 17th.

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