Main Casting is Now Underway for Disney+’s Moon Knight Series


News of productions and casting for various Marvel Studios shows has been pouring out over the past few weeks. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki are seemingly all rolling cameras again, and even Hawkeye has their ball rolling with casting calls for its villains and underlings. However, the one show that has seen the least amount of traction since being announced last year is Moon Knight.

But now, Marvel Studios is beginning to build their Moon Knight supporting cast around their Marc Spector (Moon Knight’s alter ego… or one of them).

The Direct reports that Marvel Studios is casting for two main roles for their Moon Knight series.

While it’s not yet confirmed who these two characters are, sources say that one character the studio is casting for is Jean-Paul DuChamp (aka “Frenchie”), the best friend of Marc Spector: 20-40 (years old), White male. A stereotypical good looking, overly enthusiastic, less intelligent than average but still lovable. Actor must be fluent in French.

The second role is for a character who is likely Marlene Alraune — a love interest of Marc Spector: 20-35 (years old), all ethnicities, female. A manipulative operative in a secret organization, capable of going from cool and tough to warm and friendly in a heartbeat.


We’ll update you when as we learn more about this interesting new Marvel series.

Mandy Parker

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