‘Magic Mike’ Actor Claims His Homosexuality Cost Him the Role of Superman


Actor Matt Bomer alleges he lost a role to portray Superman in the early 2000s after coming out as a gay man. The actor recently claimed that his homosexuality was “weaponized” against him. 


“I went in on a cattle call for Superman, and then it turned into a four-month audition experience,” Bomer recalled during an interview on Monday’s episode of THR‘s podcast, Awards Chatter. “I was auditioning again, and again, and again, and flying out to New York, and doing chemistry reads, and flying out to L.A., and doing chemistry reads, back to New York, flying back to L.A. to do a screen test, and it looked like I was the director’s choice for the role,” he claimed.



During the interview, he was asked if he thinks that his private sexual preferences “might have been used against you,” Bomer responded, “Yeah, that’s my understanding. That was a time in the industry when something like that could still really be weaponized against you,” the actor added. “How, and why, and who, I don’t know, but yeah, that’s my understanding.”


While the Superman project was never produced, another openly gay man in the early 2000’s, Bryan Singer, directed Superman Returns, starring Brandon Routh, which was released in 2006.




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