Louis CK Un-Cancelable? Comedian Offers New Comedy Special Online


It’s been five years since comedian and actor Louis C.K. was at the center of a string of sexual assault allegations that resulted in the cancellation of his self-titled TV show and the star’s disappearance into oblivion. According to Uproxx, the celebrity is seeking to transcend his past transgressions and stage a comeback with a recorded comedy special titled Sorry, which was filmed over the summer at Madison Square Garden in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


Promo for Louis CK’s New Special


Prior to the claims of sexual assault, C.K. was one of the most well-known comedians in the world, but that all changed in 2017 when five women accused him of masturbating in front of them. This led to his directorial follow-up to Pootie Tang, I Love You, Daddy, being shelved by distributors. It was a fairly swift downhill spiral for the comedian after that.


C.K.’s new special is available for $10 on the comedian’s official website, which includes a one-year streaming license on the site as well as an HD digital download. If enough people are entertained enough to pay to watch the special, which was recently advertised during a broadcast of Saturday Night Live, this could become a trend.


For those who want a taste of what to expect from the performance, which pokes fun at everything from pedophilia, to the transgender movement, to the current worldwide epidemic, a snippet of the special is below. This clip shows Louis C.K. aiming for the same audience he’s always had, delivering a nonstop barrage of vulgar and controversial jokes that helped him become a household celebrity.


Clip from Louis CK’s New Special


Reviewer and culture critic Christian Toto had the following to say in his review:


C.K. isn’t an overly political comic, and that proves true here, too. He touches on some Culture War issues but rarely lingers long on any of them. He repeatedly mocks the progressive elites, though, like Hollywood hipsters who adopt Chinese babies only to let their Jamaican nannies raise them.

He also “goes there” a few times, mimicking a Puerto Rican and “black” accent while acknowledging how some might be triggered by it. He’s a progressive to the core, but he understands that being a comedian means making some audience members uncomfortable.

C.K.’s first trans gag arrives after he bemoans the bigotry obese Americans endure, citing a 600 lb. woman who had to go to the zoo to get an MRI test. And yet a far smaller group of people, the trans community, find their bathroom demands met across the nation.

The veteran comic saves his most incendiary material to the end.


What I found fascinating about Toto’s take was how he compares C.K.’s slow return to the stage to the recent “woke mob” attacks on comedians like Dave Chappelle, who are willing to poke fun at ‘sacred cows’ in our politically correct culture. Toto asks a pointed rhetorical question near the end, asking: 


“What happens to a comedian who already faced all of the above and lived to joke another day?”


I guess we will soon find out. 


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