Loki Director Teases Arc for ‘Miss Minutes’; No ‘Hunter B-15’ Spin-Off… Yet

Are you a fan of the TVA’s animated mascot, Miss Minutes? According to Loki series director Kate Herron, the southern sounding helper voiced by Tara Strong will have her own story arc on the series. Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, that Miss Minutes will be going on an interesting character journey.  



Herron goes on to talk about filming scenes with the animated character and how they substituted a “lamp that we stuck little cardboard eyes on”, she went on to explain, “She was this little lamp on suitcase wheels that we’d spin around … She’s a light because she lights the scene because the character is illuminated. Then you replace the terrifying lamp with a lovely cartoon.”   So you better keep an eye on that little orange clock face as she will be appearing more in the series.



Still no confirmation on any possible spin-off for the Hunter B-15 character… yet.



Jamison Ashley

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