Latest Batwoman Trailer Ratio’d Even Worse Than 1st One

The CW has had a tough time in building an audience for its soon to be released show, BatWoman. This form of BatWoman is based on the latest incarnation of the comic book character who is an out lesbian with, as the show put it, “a passion for social justice.” While that is not the kind of a show this writer hopes to see, I do recognize that I have observed many people making a lot of money with ideas that I did not particularly care for. We are all merely creators seeking an audience. 

But BatWoman has had a difficult time finding that audience. When the CW announce Ruby Rose to play the gay character of Kate Kane, some LGBTQ advocates took to Twitter to complain that Ruby Rose was simply not gay enough in her private life to authentically portray the character.  Things got sleepy for a time while the show was in production, but now two trailers were released to YouTube. The first released, called “First Look”,  got massively “ratioed” with close to 500,000 viewers giving it a dislike-to-like of almost five-to-one. 

I reviewed First Look in a prior article, and felt that it was not all that terrible. It had BatWoman doing the things that BatWoman is more or less supposed to do, but had two cringeworthy lines devolved by the main character that seemed needlessly antagonistic towards the men as a gender. As I put in that review, they only lose people with these lines in an otherwise decently presented super heroine story. I speculated that the CW would have a rough road ahead but that the CW might find some success with BatWoman as they did with SuperGirl. 

Last week, they released a new teaser trailer entitled, “Times are changing.” My mood about the show seems to have turned right along with the audience reaction. 19,000 viewers gave the teaser a dislike-to-like ratio of over ten-to-one. This trailer gave nothing that was at all cool or fun to watch. There was no action, no drama, and strangely, no lines except for one from a big dumb white guy security card. Kate Kane gives a homeless woman a dollar and the guard mansplanes himself into the situation by telling Ms. Kane that doing so, “Only encourages them.” Kate Kane will be mansplaned to by no much, much less a big dumb white one. She immediately gives the homeless woman her Rolex watch and disappears on her Bat-motorcycle in a puff of virtue. 

…Say what?

Audience reactions to new CW Batwoman teaser demands immediate course correction

Preston Poulter

Preston Poulter

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