It’s the Great Cover-Up: Wearing Masks at the Movies

Last month, the UK Cinema Association (UKCA) published its set of coronavirus preventative measures for exhibitors to adhere to when they begin re-opening last weekend. The document confirmed that masks will not be part of the government stipulations, paving the way for cinemas to begin operating without them. So with this latest half-assed advice on mask-wearing by the Johnson government in the UK, a selection of movies where facial coverings are central to the plot. I’m going to be rather dictatorial and leave superhero pictures out of the mix, but with one exception. And…no there will be no Phantom of the Opera, Saw, Halloween, Silence of the Lambs or The Man in the Iron Mask in this list either.


That’s too easy…


So in no particular order…from the last 20 years or so:


Smiley TRAILER (2012) - Horror Movie HD

The Skin I Live In - Trailer

Mask Scene | Drive (2011) Movie Clip HD

V For Vendetta (2005) Official Trailer #1 - Sc-Fi Thriller HD

Bruiser - 2000 - trailer

Eyes Wide Shut (Best Scene)

The Strangers Official Trailer #1 - Liv Tyler Movie (2008) HD


Scream 2 (1/12) Movie CLIP - Killer Opening (1997) HD


And finally, going way back to 1974, this Elliott Gould curio – Who? aka The Man in the Steel Mask aka Roboman.


Btw Dr. Martino is NOT a robot.


elliot gould interrogates a robot spy...

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