It’s Not the Winning… The Best Sore Losers in the Movies


There’s a storied history of the sore loser in motion pictures. Some of my favorites could be Emperor Palpatine’s refusal to accept his overthrow and death in Return of the Jedi, Khan Noonien Singh’s vendetta against Captain Kirk, Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Kreese in The Karate Kid and The Boys from Brazil‘s attempt to engineer a Fourth Reich.


What better time to take a look at those who peevishly refuse to accept the reality of defeat:


Predator 1987 (Final Part)

Epic Movie Scenes: Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Chess Scene Part 3

Spider-Man Killed Mysterio - Spider-Man Post Credits Full Scene (Far From Home) Movie Clip


Dennis Hopper speed best scene

The Karate Kid Part II - No Mercy Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

"Turn those machines back on!" 🙂


Happy Gilmore (10/10) Best Movie Quote - Happy's Final Putt (1996)

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (2/8) Movie CLIP - Khan, You Bloodsucker (1982) HD

Larry Summers and the Winklevoss twins Scene from The Social Network

Get Out: Behold the Coagula (Clip)

Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey - Reaper Games

the boys from brazil - hitler tailor made

Can you think of any more, you Crazee Kidz?

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