Is Kraven the Hunter Really Coming to the MCU After All?

Kraven the Hunter’s character breakdown signals a close connection to Spider-Man and a potential avenue into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kraven has always been one of the most distinct and memorable Spider-Man villains. He’s had his own film in development for decades, although there has been little movement about it, until recently. With Spider-Man preparing to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could the deadly hunter be heading there too?


The Illuminerdi has seen the casting grid for a potential Kraven the Hunter solo film, and it could have a direct impact within the MCU. It seems like Kraven will be very similar to the version from the core Marvel (Comics) Universe. He’s specifically referred to as a “maniacal big game hunter” in it, much like his comic’s counterpart.

But unlike Venom and Morbius (which largely tried not to refer to Spider-Man directly), Kraven is also specifically mentioned to be hunting Spider-Man. This puts him square center in the middle of the MCU, making their antagonism a core part of the character and begging for a confrontation. Stay tuned.

Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy

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