Is Chris Pratt’s ‘Star-Lord’ Ready to Cross Universes to DC?

A recent set photo posted by James Gunn from the current filming of Superman has folks talking, but this one wasn’t about the costume. The image showed that Gunn’s friend and collaborator Chris Pratt visited the set and that set off speculation a plenty. The man known as Star Lord was asked if he would consider joining Gunn over in the DCU.



“Yes, of course. If it could fit into my schedule and it made sense, I would love it.” But he hasn’t forgotten about the MCU either. “Of course I love playing Star-Lord, and hopefully there’s a chance that can come back. I just feel so blessed to be able to do any of it, to be considered for any of it. If it’s right and the fans would love it, I’d be more than happy to do it.”



As for what character he would want to play, Pratt told TMZ, “I just have to leave that to the fans and people like James to decide. I’m not exactly sure. I’m truly not sure.” Gunn is known for working with the same actors again, so it would be no surprise to see many of the Guardians of the Galaxy move over to this other universe of heroes.


via Deadline

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