Is a Director’s Cut of Thor 2: The Dark World in Our Future?


There’s a lot of buzz about the upcoming Many Saints of Newark film, the prequel to the hit HBO series The Sopranos, and a lot of attention is going to the film’s director Alan Taylor. And while he is celebrated for his work on that series as well as Mad MenGame of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire… he is also known for making what many consider the worst of the MCU films, Thor: The Dark World. Even know, while out supporting his new film, Taylor discussed with Inverse just what happened on his one Marvel film and while he has great respect for Kevin Feige, he’d really like to have his own “Snyder-Cut” moment.


“First of all, I have huge respect for Kevin Feige. I think he’s doing something that no one else has ever done before and that nobody thought was possible until he did it. Now, everyone’s trying to imitate it. For me, the process was not fun. I focused all my attention on making a certain movie. And then in the editing process, decisions were made to change it a lot. He’s got an empire he’s running and things have to be changed to fit into other things. My regret was that the movie that got released was changed quite a bit in a way that I couldn’t shape really. I mean, I shot all the material that we put in the movie, but we set out to make one movie, and then major plot points were reversed in post. It’s not the ideal way to work.”



Taylor believed he was brought in to gritty up the franchise, to go from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones. “I have a great fondness for some of the things that went away in the original cut. There was a kind of quality a wonder to the thing that was beautiful to me. I think I was brought in to bring some Game of Thrones-iness to it in reaction to the first Thor, which was a little too shiny, was my feeling. And then partway through, they started to realize that they wanted to hit in a different direction. So it was kind of a stumbling process.”


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And while he would love to get a chance to do what Snyder did on Justice League, he doubts Disney will make it happen. “I was cheering for Snyder when he was doing that and thinking, Will he pull this off? I think every director was kind of rooting for that. I would love to, I mean to. Can you imagine that? They give me however many millions of dollars they gave him to go back in. Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to get that phone call.”


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