Hulu’s Predator Sequel ‘Prey’ Getting High Praise at SDCC Premiere

The early reactions to Hulu’s upcoming Predator sequel ‘Prey’ are very positive. The film had its world premiere at the San Diego Comic Con and reports are starting to circulate on social media, as well as over on which is the source for this news. Of course, these are dedicated fans of the property, so there are surely some biases, but these reactions could be very good news for fans of the Predator franchise. 

Take a look at the following:






20th Century Studios and Hulu also revealed a new movie poster for the film:




The director Dan Trachtenberg was also thrilled with the audience’s response:





To check out more reactions, head over to and check out their forums. It may finally be time to renew that Hulu subscription!

Todd Fisher

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