Hulu Original: The Domestics (Review)


With Netflix showing its true woke colors and openly attacking fans in the wake of yet another subscription price increase, I decided that this is a good of a time as ever to say goodbye to my 9 year subscription. I can’t say it wasn’t a good ride; I do have a “load” of memories that I will certainly look back on as the years pass. (Hulu and chill just doesn’t have the same ring to it.) A few years ago, I had cancelled my Hulu subscription because the quality of movies and television shows was poor to say the least, but recently they have been stepping up to the plate in giving their customer base a decent choice in programming.

True, Hulu is not without its share of SJW craziness, but since it comes included free with another one of my subscription services, I figured it was good enough to give it a second look. A sense of boredom and an open mind led me to navigate Hulu’s latest movie selection, and with ever increasing desperation to find something I had not seen before to justify reopening my account, I stumbled on quite the nice little cinematic surprise: The Domestics.


Written and directed by Mike P. Nelson, and starring Kate Bosworth (The Horse Whisperer) and Tyler Hoechlin (Road to Perdition) as recently divorced Nina and Tyler West, and supported by Lance Reddick (John Wick) as Nathan Wood, this movie offers a somewhat unique perspective to the post-apocalyptic world. The story picks up after a devastating chemical attack on the United States by what is heavily implied as a self-inflicted attack organized by the long gone US Government. The survivors have loosely organized themselves into factions of marauding gangs that seek their own gratification through violence, and groups of survivors that just want to survive called Domestics.   


Kate Bosworth drives through the apocalypse in exclusive trailer for The Domestics

The movie does suffer from modern cinema cliches, and Nina is initially portrayed as the classic character that don’t need no man to make it in the world with a sprinkle of damsel in distress. She doesn’t want anything to do with her estranged husband with the exception of needing his help to make the dangerous trip to her parents’ home across the wasteland. Or his help in escaping from a potential rape at the hands of the aforementioned gangs, or surviving a bullet wound, or finding her all time favorite music record. But I digress.



Tyler is a strange character, while he displays clear “soyboy” tendencies, he is also quite the badass. It’s hard to take him seriously when he goes from driving a screwdriver through the back of a man’s neck and out his mouth, from needing to be rescued by his sudden pistolera soon-to-be ex-wife. While it was fun to see a 10-year old wielding what looked to be a modified M249 SAW mow down a group of people inside a store, there is something inherently wrong with Nathan as he provides for his family in this broken world.



The pacing is good, the movie gives you enough backstory in the opening scenes to draw your attention. Watching as bombers coat elementary schools with toxic chemicals and seeing how quickly this kills children quickly sets up the gravity of the situation. Guided by a radio man giving sporadic situational updates, our heroes’ journey is tracked through a series of cards that show how close they are to their destination by showing the miles left to travel. At 95 minutes in length, the movie gives plenty of exposure to the rest of the world within the movie to give the viewer enough of a sense of hopelessness that helps drive the sense of horror, yet it supplements it with enough comedic reliefs to keep you invested in the main characters.



Like I mentioned before, it does suffer from some SJW cliches, but overall I managed to ignore them long enough to give Kate’s character a second chance as the story progressed. Truth be told, I had an easier time ignoring her feminist privilege than Rian Johnson had ignoring Star Wars lore, but again I digress. I was pleasantly surprised at how this tired plot line received such a refreshing take with such minimal adjustments. I was not completely invested in the characters, but I didn’t want them to be killed off as much as Rey… (My therapist will be sending you the bill, Rian!)


Lance’s character has what I think is the most grounded story line in this setting. He is driven by a singular goal and his actions are easily justified because of the clarity of his motivations, but still they are quite surprising when revealed. Kate and Tyler’s characters at one point shift away from their archetypes, and the ending of the movie leaves you with just enough of a desire to see the rest of the world that I was honestly disappointed at how quickly it ended. Leaves enough room for a sequel, but still ties the main story nicely.

Overall, I am not disappointed at closing my Netflix account if entertainment of this caliber can be found in Hulu. The movie was not the best, but it was good enough that I would see it again sober. My wife hated Kate’s character for being a “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” character, but I think that the character matured enough to make her tolerable. Tyler, buddy, we have to have a serious talk for sure about the birds and the bees. The movie has enough violence to satiate the blood thirst in us all, without compromising the story itself. I give it a 3 out of 5 because while the story is pretty entertaining, there is a particular character that I haven’t discussed that could have easily served as a doorway to much more lore but was not handled properly in my opinion.


If you are sick and tired of supporting companies like Netflix that use your money to shill for SJW values, don’t be afraid of closing your account and taking your hard earned money elsewhere. I will do my best to present welcomed alternatives that can be found in other streaming services. I refuse to financially support companies that will so openly support groups that terrorize innocent people over gender politics, I will gladly find alternative sources to view Netflix original content if I absolutely feel the need to watch something, but while this company supports the SJW narrative, I will gladly spend my money elsewhere.

Check out the trailer to The Domestics, if you’ve seen the movie, let us know what you think. Has Netflix  sent you that “we are raising out woke fees” email to you as well? Are you keeping your subscription open? Let us know. 


THE DOMESTICS Official Trailer (2018)

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