How Tom Cruise Saved “Hollywood’s Ass” and Restored Its Confidence


Tom Cruise has been a driving force in Hollywood for over three decades, and his impact on the industry cannot be overstated. From his early breakout roles in Risky Business, Taps, and Top Gun, to his recent performances in the Mission: Impossible franchise, Cruise has consistently delivered exceptional performances that have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.


In recent years, Cruise has been credited with “saving” Hollywood, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As productions were paused, theaters shut down, and movie releases were postponed or cancelled, the future of the industry was in question. However, Cruise’s commitment to completing the production of Mission: Impossible 7 despite the pandemic’s challenges helped set a positive example for the rest of the industry.


Cruise worked closely with public health officials to implement safety protocols on set and ensure the film was completed on time. This helped restore confidence in the industry, and the success of the Mission: Impossible franchise continued to draw audiences to theaters and generate revenue.



Moreover, the success of Top Gun: Maverick, the long-awaited sequel to Cruise’s iconic 1986 hit, has further cemented his status as a Hollywood legend. The film’s strong box office performance, critical acclaim, and fan reception have proven that Cruise’s star power and enduring appeal have not diminished over time.


Even industry heavyweights like Steven Spielberg have acknowledged Cruise’s talent and dedication. The two have worked together on two of Spielberg’s darker sci-fi films, War of the Worlds and Minority Report, and was overheard recently telling Cruise in his ear in what was seemingly intended as a private exchange that last year’s blockbuster sequel Top Gun: Maverick might have single-handedly saved theatrical moviegoing.


“You saved Hollywood’s ass, and you might have saved theatrical distribution,” Spielberg says in the video below. “Seriously, Maverick might have saved the entire theatrical industry.” Cruise, for his part, looks humbled by the compliment and shakes his head.



While many other actors, directors, and producers have also worked tirelessly to keep the film industry afloat during the pandemic, and Cruise repeatedly acknowledges that.



“I like to see people do well. I know that things don’t just happen. I know it’s not just luck. You have to create that luck. You have to will it into existence. I want you to know that I’m always rooting for you. I’m rooting for all of you,” he said while accepting the David O. Selznick Achievement Award during the 2023 PGA Awards on this past February.


Tom Cruise’s contributions have been significant, and his influence on Hollywood is undeniable, cementing a legacy that will undoubtedly continue for years to come.

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