How Disney Could Have Fixed the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas!  Since I did a dedication to my best friends video last year for the holiday season, I wanted to give a few shout outs to some friends of mine that have supported me.


First, Ingrid aka Zorial Diamond. For being a close friend and having such a blast on my show. Unholyspork, Dion Powell Jr, and ComicPerch. Thank you three especially for being the vestiges of sanity in this community I can talk to on a regular basis that remain neutral in the whole infighting. Otherwise, I’d have snapped a long time ago.



Now onto the main crux of this video. The Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy has ended with such wasted potential. The Force Awakens started off strongly, and The Last Jedi wasted so much of it’s set up in the name of subverting things, leaving a big mess for The Rise of Skywalker to clean up.


Tonight I’m going over three ways I could have fixed the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy for the Walt Disney Co.


1) If they HAD to go with Rian Johnson’s “subvert expectations” route, they should have done it for all three movies. Give it a consistent tone as opposed to coming out of no where. Tonally these three films didn’t match.

2) Fix The Last Jedi so it could stand the same way, but leave some things open for Episode 9 to have more to work with. It’s like Rian closed all of Abrams’ plot threads, and didn’t leave much to run with afterwards.

3) A Complete Overhaul. Keep The Force Awakens mostly intact and, well watch the rest of the video below to find out what I have in mind.


Enjoy the video below where I lay these out in more detail, and again, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Sound off in the comments with your “fix” suggestions!



Talks of the Multiverse: How to Fix the Sequel Trilogy

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