Hollywood’s Wake-Up Call: Why Everyone Loves ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Top Gun: Maverick made another $44 million over the fourth Friday-Sunday weekend, bringing its total to $52 million for the Juneteenth holiday week. In just 25 days, it has amassed $473 million in the United States. Even after inflation, it’s Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing domestic film. It surpassed Black Panther and The Force Awakens for the third-highest fourth-weekend gross ever, trailing only Avatar and American Sniper.



There’s a reason everyone loves Top Gun: Maverick, and the Salty Lady Blog has figured out precisely why the legacy sequel will make a billion dollars. It’s really very simple



It was JUST entertainment. 

It didn’t make you feel like garbage about your country, your gender, your race, political party, religion, or values. 

There were good guys. 

There were bad guys. 

There was right and wrong. 

The hero was humbled, matured even, though not perfect.

Confidence, even arrogance wasn’t shameful… because it was merited.

Someone could be the best or excellent at what they did without apologizing for privilege. 

No one was hellbent on upending pretty healthy social norms, hierarchies, or authorities. 

Someone was in charge and someone wasn’t… and that’s life. 

Elders were respected and revered, homage and honor was given– instead of discarding or dismissing the trailblazers ahead of you. 

Children weren’t saving the world while parents were portrayed as helpless morons. 

Duty and responsibility were positives, not negatives. 

Risk was considered and STILL assumed for the benefit of others. 

Jack-wagonry/ muttonheadedness wasn’t glorified. 

It wasn’t trying to normalize deviancy.

It was PG (it was PG-13) but it wasn’t gratuitous with language, stupidity, or sex. 

Shall I go on? 


Read the whole thing.


Pay attention Hollywood. You can sell a lot of movie tickets to people when your films aren’t “statement movies” or just garbage.

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