Hollywood Casinos: Must-See Films to Get You Through Self-Isolation

In geographical and metaphoric terms, Hollywood is not so far from Las Vegas. Just a four-and-a-half-hour drive from the Hollywood Hills and you can be walking down the Vegas strip anticipating a hand of blackjack or some slot gaming. However, you can get into the heart of the gambling industry much quicker by picking up one of the many excellent gambling movies made in Hollywood.


The big screen and gambling are a perfect match because the exciting topics associated with the casino allow filmmakers to tap into a wealth of narratives and characters. From the gangster criminal wanting to steal money to the down-and-out loser, casino characters have a special place in filmmaking. Here we take a look at how Hollywood portrays casino gambling with some top examples from must-see films to get you through self-isolation.



Portraying Reality


One film that made huge losses because of its big budget, but still goes down in the history books is Owning Mahowny. This Canadian-made film tells the real-life story of a bank clerk who has a gambling issue. The narrative is nothing short of gripping but reminds us of the dangers of letting gambling spiral out of control – and doing it while getting into the wrong crowds. If you haven’t seen this film yet and enjoy the casino, add it to your watchlist!


Making Us Laugh


Even those that don’t like casinos or have never wanted to visit Las Vegas will want to watch The Hangover and its sequels. This hilarious film uncovering a mini-mystery is bound to make you laugh out loud. The film shows the fun that can be had in Vegas and the memories that can be made, but it also reminds us to be careful when adventuring in this desert playground. 


Danger and Adrenaline


Many of the casino films made in Hollywood are about criminals, high rollers or in the case of James Bond, secret agents. These films make casinos look like a lucrative place where your financial dreams and lifestyle ambitions can come true, which in reality, they can. But these films also emphasise the adrenaline that can be had by visiting a casino.


Watch Casino, Casino Royale or 21 to feel the excitement and buzz of a casino from home. Something you can also achieve by playing casino games at an online casino.


Positive Vibes


Most Hollywood films surrounding gambling or set within a casino also offer a sophisticated and positive feeling to viewers. From elegant and classy couples playing casino games with a cocktail to hand to the soothing jazz background music. It is easy for Hollywood to re-enact the vibes you get from entering one of these establishments.


The casino world opens up so many possibilities for screenwriters, actors and film directors. For this reason, you can expect to see many more kick-ass casino films in the years to come. With the outbreak of coronavirus suspending productions everywhere, it may be time to watch some of these classic casino movies right now.



Susana Romero

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