Here We Go Again: Tom Holland Rumored for Venom 2 Cameo


Sony Pictures’ Venom 2 may feature a Spider-Man cameo as MCU actor Tom Holland is rumored to be in talks to appear as Peter Parker in the Marvel movie.

Sony, which holds the film rights to Spider-Man and a slew of other Marvel Comics characters, has been working in recent years to build up their own slate of comic book movies. Part of their plans include sharing Spider-Man with Marvel Studios, allowing the Disney-owned studio to introduce Holland’s Peter Parker to the Marvel Cinematic Universe even as they hold onto the character’s rights.

Separately, Sony also developed Spider-Man-adjacent Marvel movies like Venom.

A reported Venom 2  casting breakdown includes Holland as Spider-Man, but negotiations are still ongoing and a deal may not be reached. 


Anyone want to give an over/under on this actually happening?



(via Screen Rant)

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