Happy Trails? The Art of the In Movie ‘Fake Movie Trailer’


Whilst watching John Badham’s action-comedy The Hard Way (1991) the other evening, the fake trailer for Michael J Fox’s (entitled film star Nick Lang) movie Smoking Gunn II got me thinking about other examples.


Smoking Gunn 2 Trailer


Some we’re all familiar with – such as Tropic Thunder, but I hope to surprise with a couple of unexpected choices, such as this – a trailer for a remake of Tinto Brass’s Roman porno picture Caligula (1979).


Spot the stars:


Remake of Caligula

A Tarantino selection:

Inglourious Basterds Extra: Nation's Pride (Stolz der Nation)

Grindhouse Double Feature (2007) Trailers


The aforementioned Tropic Thunder:

Tropic Thunder Opening Trailers


From Adam Sandler’s under-appreciated Funny People (2009)

George Simmons in Re-Do

George Simmons in Sayonara Davey!

Funny People Trailer 3 Cinema 10

The Last Action Hero (1993):

Jack Slater IV intro - Last Action Hero


SCROOGED (1998) – a fake TV special:

Scrooged (1988) - The Beginning of the Movie

THE ROCKETEER (1991) not exactly a fake trailer, but this is worth a look:

The Rocketeer - Sinclair's Movie Set


Three Amigos - Original Silent Movie of 1916 - REMASTERED

Let’s linger with three funny scenes from the flick:

You could Kiss Me On The Veranda

Three Amigos - What Is A Plethora?

¡Three Amigos! - The Singing Bush and the Invisible Swordsman (HQ)

Any others? I know that I must have missed quite a few…

Adiós, muchachos!

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