Gunn & Safran Confirm ‘Harley Quinn’ to Continue Under DC Studios


Tuesday was a huge day for DC fans with DC Studios announcing the first half of the DC Universe’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate, but while there were several new film and television projects to get excited about, co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran also had some news about existing projects as well — including Harley Quinn. At the press event outlining the slate, Gunn and Safran were asked about the fate of the fan-favorite HBO Max animated series and Gunn made it clear that Harley’s adventures will be continuing.


“We’re going to keep forward with that,” Gunn said.


Safran noted that the show is “fantastic”, and Gunn added, “Yeah, considering I’m on the show.”


Harley Quinn had already been renewed for a fourth season on HBO Max back in August of last year but given the numerous changes at Warner Bros. Discovery — particularly in terms of HBO Max — there was a great deal of uncertainty about the series’ longer-term fate. Gunn’s comments seem to make it clear that, at least under this new direction for DC, Harley’s adventures are far from over.



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