G.I. Joe Spin-Off ‘Snake Eyes’ Now Undergoing Reshoots

The G.I. Joe universe is set to get a major expansion later this year, with the release of Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins. The live-action film will reimagine and retell the genesis of the G.I. Joe universe’s iconic assassin, and fans are definitely excited to see exactly what that entails.


According to a new social media post from the film’s star, Henry Golding, we’re officially one step closer to seeing the film become a reality, as reshoots on the project have begun.

“We are back on set, ladies and gentlemen,” Golding says in the post. “We just got some reshoots for Snake Eyes, but I’m so grateful that we’re able to pull this off. I mean it’s a really challenging period to be doing production during COVID. All precautions are being taken. I’m just about to get my test. We get tested every single day, but I’m just super excited to get this business churning and hopefully will be back to normal in no time.”


Snake Eyes is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 22nd.



via ComicBook

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