Freeform Orders Comedy ‘Praise Petey’ and Other All-New Animated Series


Freeform is getting into animation for the first time, with the basic cabler ordering the series “Praise Petey” while also announcing two more animated shows into development, Variety reports.


“Praise Petey” hails from “SNL” writer Anna Drezen with “Schitt’s Creek” star Annie Murphy in the lead role. The show follows Petey (Murphy), a New York City “it” girl who has it all until her life comes crashing down around her. As luck would have it, a mysterious gift from her father gives her a new lease on life: she’s going to “lean into” modernizing his small-town cult. The series will begin production in early 2022.



The voice cast also includes: John Cho (“Cowboy Bebop”) as Bandit, a potential love interest for Petey and a cult member since childhood whose mother was a high-ranking member; Kiersey Clemons (“The Flash”) as Eliza, a bartender at the local bar and reluctant BFF to Petey, working at her new cult; Christine Baranski (“The Good Fight”) as White, Petey’s mother. She’s a magazine editor, Manhattan society woman and a terrifying perfectionist who’s never eaten, tasted or seen ketchup; Amy Hill (“Magnum P.I.”) as Mae Mae, Bandit’s Southern mama oozing with Southern hospitality who happens to be the right-hand woman of a cult leader; Stephen Root (“Barry”) as Petey’s loving father, a charming, homespun, stone-cold cult leader with some pretty unique ideas about meditation, space, jumping up and down in a field, and how his bloodline is necessary for the salvation of mankind. He may or may not be dead.


Freeform also announced development of two other animated comedies, both of which will also be produced by 20th TV Animation.


“SupaShawty Girls, Funkamatic BangBang” comes from writers and executive producers Adamma & Adanne Ebo, with Tiffany Haddish and Melanie Clark also executive producing. The show follows Yeze and Tule when a freak laboratory accident turns the twin college students into superheroes. They must learn to manage their brand new super-powered lives with the growing pains of adulthood. Unfortunately for humanity, they’d actually rather kick it than kick butt & save the world.


There is also “Wallflower” from writers and executive producers Julia Edelman, Danielle Uhlarik, and Olivia de Recat. The show follows Ren, a quick-witted introvert who has the power to communicate with her houseplants. With the misguided help of her charming, but dysfunctional ensemble of greenery, Ren clumsily navigates the many anxieties of being in your twenties.

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