Flight Risk: Mark Wahlberg Terrorizes the Alaskan Skies in New Thriller

Lionsgate unveiled the first trailer for Flight Risk, the suspense thriller teaming Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg with Oscar-winning filmmaker Mel Gibson. Marking Gibson’s first outing behind the camera since the Academy Award-nominated war drama Hacksaw Ridge for the same studio, the film is slated for release in theaters on October 18.

Check out the trailer below:


Flight Risk (2024) Official Trailer - Starring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Dockery, Topher Grace


In Flight Risk, Wahlberg plays a pilot transporting an Air Marshal (Michelle Dockery), who’s been tasked with accompanying a fugitive (Topher Grace) to trial. As they cross the Alaskan wilderness, tensions soar and trust is tested, as not everyone on board is who they seem. Based on a script by Jared Rosenberg that made the Black List in 2020, the film is produced by Davis Entertainment, as well as Gibson and Bruce Davey through their Icon Productions.


via Deadline

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