Finally Time for ‘No Time to Die’ – What’s Next for 007?


The long-awaited, and frequently delayed No Time To Die film will finally hit UK theaters in a few days. But, as Daniel Craig steps down as 007, what preparations do the producers have for the next James Bond? The franchise’s producers, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, have teased what might be in store and how the upcoming star will play a role.


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Wilson told The Sunday Times:


“Daniel’s made an indelible impression. “So it’s inevitable that what he brought will be, in some way, incorporated. We don’t have any frontrunners — we haven’t even thought about it — but whoever it is will take on the role and adapt the character to their personality. It’s always been the case.”



Broccoli added:

“It’s a great compliment people take it so personally. But it’s tough on the person that steps in. It’s not fair, but it’s the way of the world, with the internet being the way it is. Somebody sitting at a computer seems to carry the same weight as the most respected journalist. It’s a big decision for us because we’re entering into a partnership with an actor.”


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The producer and daughter of Cubby Broccoli said how casting Bond isn’t like finding the best actor at the time, but about resetting the entire template for the movies to come. 


Broccoli weighed in: “He’s brought humanity. When we used to construct these stories we’d ask, ‘What is the mission?’

“But with Daniel, we also discuss what we will put Bond through emotionally.

“Not just physical sacrifice but betrayals, broken hearts. It’s a three-dimensional character as opposed to, as Bond is described in books, a silhouette.”



No Time To Die hits UK cinemas today, September 30, 2021.

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