Fightin’ Monsters & Giant Swords: First Look ‘Monster Hunter’ Clip

Paul W.S. Anderson is both the director and writer of the live-action Monster Hunter adaptation of the videogame and he shared insights into his career during the weekend NYCC panel around the release of the clip from the film. It’s one of the few bits of footage we’ve seen from the upcoming film and features the Greater Rathalos monster that’ll make an appearance in the movie.


As indicated by some of the images and brief footage we’ve seen from the movie so far, the adaptation will put its own spin on the source material by transporting modern-day militants to the Monster Hunter world where their weapons are of little use. It’s after that when we’ll see all the signature monsters and weapons from the Monster Hunter franchise come into play. 



Paul W.S. Anderson | Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil and a sneak peek at Monster Hunter

The 0:25 second movie clip begins at 42:00



The Monster Hunter movie was previously supposed to release in September 2020 before being pushed back to 2021, but it’s now been brought back to 2020 after the release date was moved up. Monster Hunter is scheduled to come to theaters on December 30th.


With the first Monster Hunter movie coming soon to theaters, Paul W.S. Anderson joins to talk all things monsters. Paul W.S. Anderson sits down for an interview with Polygon. to talk the movie’s monsters (including a first look at the Great Rathalos), how Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa dealt with those giant swords, Capcom’s involvement, plus the burning questions about his career, including new behind-the-scenes stories about Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, and Resident Evil.



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