Face/Off 2 Writer Reveals Studio’s Unusual Reaction to the Script



A sequel to 1997’s Face/Off is officially in the works, and screenwriter Simon Barrett has provided an informative update on the project. Face/Off was directed by John Woo and written by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary, and was a surprise hit when it came out. John Travolta and Nicolas Cage co-starred in an action story about two arch-enemies who switch faces and take on each other’s identities, much to the surprise of the rest of the world.


Twenty four years later, a Face/Off 2 is in the works, according to Barrett who, along with director Adam Wingard, are currently working on the newest revision of the script, and Barrett says they’re “really excited” about the Face/Off sequel’s future, according to ComicBook.com


“Face/Off 2 remains in healthy, active development. We have a script, we are rewriting our script, and I think we are really excited about the direction we’re taking the rewrite. But we’ve got Neil Moritz and Paramount behind us and, so far, they keep giving us somewhat befuddled, but genuinely enthusiastic thumbs up, every step of the way,” 


Released way back in 1997, the first Face/Off follows Sean Archer (John Travolta), an FBI Agent, who undergoes experimental plastic surgery in order to impersonate his son’s killer and sworn enemy, Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage). While his initial missions goes well, the real trouble begins when Castor awakens from a coma and undergoes the same procedure and begins impersonating Sean.


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While the movie ended with Castor Troy seemingly dead and Archer back with his Travolta-lookin’ face, it was such a wild action movie that there are several ways that Castor (and thus Cage) could be brought back into the fray. Perhaps he wasn’t quite as dead as he appeared?  And that was what had the studio confused at first, when Barrett pitched the idea of a sequel to them.


“…our pitch was so confusing, that [the studio] just kept saying, ‘We think we like what you’re saying, but can you just explain who’s got whose face on in this scene?’ Ultimately, it was only when they actually paid us to write a 35-page treatment that I think everyone really understood what we were proposing. There’s a lot of enthusiasm at the studio level, which I’m not used to. I think that has a little bit to do with my friend Adam’s recent monster movie’s [Godzilla vs. Kong] success in theaters this year. But you never know, you never know.”


While Cage has had some nominal hits in the last few years, Travolta has not. It’s possible with the right script, both stars could return. Until we know more, no release date is attached to Face/Off 2 at this time. 

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