Evil Dead Rise Can’t Defeat the Super Mario Bros Movie


Directed by Lee Cronin, the fifth installment of the popular horror franchise has already outpaced the domestic gross of 1983’s The Evil Dead, which ended its theatrical run with $2.4 million. The Sam Raimi-directed film would go on to become a cult classic and spawned a horror franchise still going strong nearly 40 years later. Per Variety, Evil Dead Rise grossed $2.5 million in Thursday previews across 3,000 locations, but was unable to earn more than the 2013 Evil Dead remake from director Fede Alvarez, which earned $1.9 million in preview showings, $11.9 million on opening day, and then a full $25.8 million box office gross by the end of the weekend. Overall, the 2013 film took away a domestic total of $54.2 million and $97.5 million worldwide by the end of its run.


Despite Evil Dead Rise‘s auspicious debut, The Super Mario Bros movie continues to hang on to the top spot this weekend, taking in another $58.2M which is the best third weekend for an animated movie ever. As the animated film is moving towards $900M worldwide it’s pretty safe to assume a sequel is going to happen. Taking the second and third spots this week were Evil Dead Rise digging up a $23.5M three-day total, a bit shy of the 2013 remake, and Guy Ritchie’s Covenant coming in quite a ways back with only $6.28M. 



Compared to other recent R-rated horror films, 2021’s The Black Phone earned $23.6 million during its opening weekend, Smile took in $22.6 million over its premiere weekend, and Cocaine Bear earned $23 million opening weekend, so the Evil Dead Rise producers are probably not too surprised.


John Wick 4 is still killing it with $5.75M for a total of $168.8M over five weeks and the Affleck/Damon film Air scores another $5.5M in its third week. And if you’re curious about the possibility of a sequel to Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the film took the sixth spot this week with another $5.4M taking its domestic total to $82.1M which has it trending slightly above the 2017 Power Rangers movie which topped out at $85.3M which didn’t get a sequel. But it’s worth noting that Power Rangers didn’t have the same positive reaction the D&D movie has had, with D&D hitting a 90% critic rating and a 93% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


If that carries over into it doing well with VoD and sales then a sequel is very likely.


via Deadline

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