Ernie Hudson Says “Ghostsbusters” Studio Pushed Him Aside

Ernie Hudson is recalling his time on Ghostbusters and how difficult it was for him. The actor played Winston in the Ivan Reitman-directed movie.


In an appearance on The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show, Hudson said that Reitman “was really, really a brilliant man and I have just so much love and appreciation for him.” However, Hudson didn’t have the same kind words for Columbia Pictures, the studio behind the hit movie.


“I was the guy who was brought in, and so finding my place in the middle of that — and they were all welcoming and inclusive,” Hudson said on the SiriusXM show about the cast. “The studio wasn’t, and the studio continued not to be. So it made it very, very difficult because I was a part of it but then I very selectively was pushed aside.”


The actor calls Ghostbusters “the most difficult movie” he has ever done looking at it “from the psychological perspective.” 


Watch Hudson’s interview by here.


Why Ernie Hudson Says “Ghostsbusters” Was the Most Difficult Movie He’s Ever Done


What do you think? Would Hudson have been treated differently if he was a bigger star, like say Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor for instance? Or should Ernie have been elevated to the same star status as Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd?


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