What If Edward Norton Returned to Bruce Banner Role in Marvel’s What If…?


One of the most interesting things in the latest episode of Marvel’s What If was casting of Bruce Banner aka the Hulk in the episode. While Mark Ruffalo has been playing the character since The Avengers in 2012, the newest episode of the animated series focuses on Iron Man 2Thor and the Incredible Hulk films which featured previous Hulk actor Edward Norton playing the Gamma irradiated scientist turned monster.


When the episode was in production, head writer A.C. Bradley told Discussing Film that she joked that if Ruffalo passed on doing the voice, then maybe they should call Norton. She said: “I’ve seen The Incredible Hulk probably three or four times. We wanted to make sure that with all three movies we pulled iconic moments that people would recognize. So for The Incredible Hulk, it was the Culver University fight scene.”



As for approaching Norton, it never really became an issue as Ruffalo had already agreed to lend his voice to the series before production of the episode had begun. I have to admit though, it was a little weird to see the character look and sound like Ruffalo when you’re used to Norton.

John Pallister

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