Desperate for more Marvel Content, Disney Whips Up The Fury Files

With a month-long break between live-action shows from Marvel Studios, the House of Mouse is finding whatever additional Marvel content it can to add to Disney+.


Over the weekend, the streamer added the full first season of The Fury Files, an animated series that takes an exhaustive look at dozens of characters in the Marvel library. Using snippets from the previous animated properties Marvel has done, each episode examines a separate character from The Leader, She-Hulk, and other members of the Incredible Hulk family to Black Panther, Power Man, and Hawkeye.


The series was initially released in 2013 and now, all 21 episodes are available to stream on Disney+. Fury Files is an informational program that will teach fans about their favorite Marvel heroes and villains using a combination of motion comic art and scenes cut from popular Marvel animated shows like Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and X-Men: The Animated Series.


via ComicBook

Karina Smitt

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