Dune Surprises With Impressive International Box Office Numbers


Another good sign for theater owners is how well Warner Bros / Legendary’s Dune has done in the international box office. The film exceeded expectations, pulling in $36.8 million in only 24 markets making it the top move overseas this weekend, hitting number one in almost all the markets where it was shown. 


DUNE Trailer 2 (2021)


Deadline says that the film shattered pandemic-era box office records for the IMAX screens in Russia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Ukraine as well as in Hong Kong and Singapore. The film is also getting a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes from European audiences.



The industry experts had original projected the film to pull in around $20 million this weekend. The film doesn’t open up domestically until October 22nd and it will premiere on HBO Max at the same time, free to subscribers for 31 days.


The guys over at Midnight’s Edge had this to say about the film.


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