Dueling ‘Jaws’ Documentaries Circle Distribution for 50th Anniversary


The massive 1975 hit Jaws will be getting a pair of documentaries to mark the 50th anniversary of the Steven Spielberg film. One of them, Jaws: Making a Splash in Hollywood, tossed chum in the water at Sunny Side of the Doc last week – looking for a bite from potential buyers at the documentary marketplace event in France.


News of that film, from distributor Newen Connect and directed by French filmmakers Olivier Bonnard and Antoine Coursat, comes just days after Deadline’s report that National Geographic is green lighting another documentary about the blockbuster, under the working title Jaws @ 50. NatGeo’s doc is being produced by Spielberg’s Amblin Documentaries and Nedland Media.


The “rival” shark tale — a Capa production for Arte France — will feature vintage interviews with Spielberg and actor Richard Dreyfuss (“Matt Hooper”). Jaws: Making a Splash in Hollywood will feature fresh interviews with Wendy Benchley, marine conservationist and widow of Jaws author Peter Benchley, Jaws screenplay co-writer and actor Carl Gottlieb, actress Lorraine Gary, who played Ellen Brody, and Ian Shaw, son of Robert Shaw, aka “Quint.” Ian Shaw wrote the Broadway play The Shark Is Broken about the relationship of his dad, Dreyfuss, and Roy Scheider (“Brody”) on set.




Todd Fisher

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