Don ‘War Machine’ Cheadle Discusses ‘Armor Wars’ Coming to Disney+


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is attempting a grand new experiment wherein they take some of their favorite characters from the movies and give them their own television series on the successful streaming service, Disney+, and with Wandavision currently causing some serious groundswell, Don Cheadle went on record as to when his series, Armor Wars, will begin filming.


Following War Machine post-Avengers: Endgame, Don Cheadle will portray James “Rhodey” Rhodes dealing with Tony Stark’s technology finding its way into the wrong hands as a result of his death against the Mad Titan Thanos.



“It’s going to be dope,” said Cheadle in an interview. “We’re really going to have a chance to explore a lot of stuff about [James] Rhodes. I mean, you look at what we’ve done so far, there’s a lot left to be explored. So I think there’s a lot of real estate that we’re going to dig into. It’s going to be just fully wide open. We’re going to start filming in a couple of months and we’ll see.”


The storyline of Armor Wars first debuted in Iron Man comics in 1987, focusing on Tony Stark making a mad dash to attempt to put the “genie back in the bottle” with his enemies finding ways to take his technology and use it for their own nefarious purposes. Though Rhodes wasn’t front and center in the arc, he gave Tony some needed back up in this mission that had Iron Man fighting villains and fellow heroes alike to try to control Stark Tech that was becoming that much more easy to acquire.


With Tony dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the story will clearly be much different from the comic run that spawned it.




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