Disturbance in the Force: How the ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ Came to Be

The Star Wars Holiday Special is one of the most mysterious and intriguing pieces in all of Star Wars history. Released after A New Hope, but before The Empire Strikes Back, the bizarre variety show was unlike anything fans had ever seen or would ever see again. After its release, George Lucas famously tried to erase the special from existence which only raised more questions about it. Now, answers to many of those are coming, thanks to a brand new documentary.

io9 reports that directors Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak are making a film called A Disturbance in the Force, which will tell the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the Star Wars Holiday Special.


A Disturbance in the Force Trailer from Jeremy Coon on Vimeo.


“Most attention on the Holiday Special just focuses on how bad it is and doesn’t go deeper,” said Coon. “Our film is not going to be 90 minutes of dumping on it because no one wants to watch that. We’re gone really deep in the research and like an onion, there are a lot more layers as to how the Special happened than you would expect.”

While the documentary is currently being edited and there are still interviews to conduct, Coon and Kozak say they’ve already talked to basically every living crew member who was willing to discuss it. And most were. “Most of the crew are proud not only of the special but of the TV variety genre that so few know about today, so they enjoy reminiscing about it,” Kozak said. They were even able to unearth some rare audio recording that will bring people who’ve recently passed away to the film.

For more information on the film, visit the official site.

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