Disney’s ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ Bombs: 68% Audience Drop in 2nd Wknd


Thor: Love and Thunder, one of Marvel’s biggest summer superhero blockbusters, has seen one of the worst second weekend audience drop-offs in Marvel movie history, losing 68% of its audience since last week. This appears to be the worst drop off for a Marvel movie since Black Widow tanked on Disney+.


Last week, the fourth Thor movie debuted to a solid $130 million in its first weekend of release. However, according to Deadline, Taika Waititi’s second outing with the thunder god only made $46 million in its second weekend.


The second weekend of Spider-Man: No Way Home also had a 68% decline, but that 2nd weekend included Christmas Day, which impacted cinema sales. And Black Widow simultaneously debuted on Disney+ streaming while the cinema world was still recovering from the epidemic. Thor 4 has no such justifications for its lackluster 2nd weekend, unless you count how woke the movie is.



According to John Nolte at Breitbart:


The woketardery does, of course, make things worse. The last thing a bad movie needs is to pile on more bad—and the bad goes like this: For no reason other than to check the woke boxes, we’re treated to a shoehorned conversation between the lesbian Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and gay Kronan (voiced by Taika Waititi) about their homosexual love lives. For equity purposes (or something), this conversation is intercut into a heterosexual romantic scene between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane, aka Lady Thor  (Natalie Portman).

Oh, but don’t call her “Lady Thor.” She goes full-Karen if you call her “Lady Thor.” Actually, do call her “Lady Thor” because an outraged and offended “Lady Thor” can kick a whole lot more villainous butt than a non-outraged Lady Thor.

Imagine all the lives that might have been saved had someone called her “Lady Thor” in the first act instead of the last…

The effect of all this awkward woking is off-putting, makes no sense story-wise, kills the emotion we’re supposed to feel for Thor and Jane, but does have one positive: it turns a forgettable movie into one that leaves a bad taste in your mouth—which makes it memorable, I guess.


But the Disney stans, and even Taika Waititi himself, are defending all the foolishness this film embodies.



There are scenes in every movie that some viewers find objectionable, but Thor: Love and Thunder has more than its share. Whether for better or worse, the movie has a huge impression on social media thanks to Russell Crowe’s Zeus weird accent, the unusual editing, or the ongoing joke about screaming goats, leaving even the most diehard fans of Marvel wondering whether or not whether Taika Waititi should be direct another Thor movie, even though one still appears to be in the works.


Hmm. Is Disney paying attention? Or will we just keep seeing more of the same?




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