Disney’s Gay Hypocrisy: LGBTQ Content Often Removed for Global Audiences


While the Walt Disney Co. continues its war with the state of Florida, proudly waving rainbow flags in defiance of the Florida law aimed at keeping young children safe from gay grooming in the classroom, the media giant certainly takes a meek and compliant posture when dealing with foreign governments about LGBTQ+ content.


Despite publicly condemning Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law (which activists dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law), there is ample evidence that Disney willingly and frequently cutts “overtly gay affection” from its films to please any foreign governments that hole a less welcoming approach to homosexuals.


DailyMail.com described several recent feature films that were “censored” of gay overtones to appease leaders in China, Russia, and the Middle East.


The revelation follows news that Lightyear, an upcoming Pixar film about the origins of the Toy Story character, was altered to remove a lesbian kissing scene. Gay activists and Disney employees were outraged, and Disney leadership scrambled to appease them and to promise more gayness in Disney content. The kiss scene was reinstated.



The Marvel (owned by Disney) release The Eternals included a same-sex kiss. The November 2021 superhero film depicted the character of Phastos, inventor of the genetically engineered Eternals, as married to a man named Ben Stoss and raising a son with him. In one scene Phastos is seen kissing Ben. According to Out.com, the moment was cut out for viewers in the Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Ethiopia, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey.


Another Marvel film, Avengers: Endgame, released in 2019 grossing nearly $3 billion worldwide, was also censored abroad. Early on in the film, a brief scene shows a gay character attending a support group meeting with Captain America.


Pixar’s 2020 release Onward, about two elf brothers on a magical quest to spend time with their late father, included a cyclops cop character in a lesbian relationship. The character mentions her “girlfriend,” a line that sparked outrage in several eastern countries, resulting in a ban in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, Deadline reported.



Russia, which has a history of censoring gay content, changed the word “girlfriend” to “partner” in the parenting scene.


Disney has also been accused of cutting the larger part of gay-friendly scenes in the 2022 Pixar film Turning Red, which was a coming-of-age story about puberty.


An animated Disney film, aimed at young kids, about menstrual cycles and masturbation?


Sounds like a good candidate for the must-miss list.

Karina Smitt

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