Disney+ Series ‘Fury’ Reportedly in Development for Mid-2021 Production

Samuel L. Jackson may soon return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as former SHIELD director Nick Fury. As it stands now, SHIELD is still disbanded within Marvel Studios’ MCU and Fury is technically a rogue agent acting alone. The character is rumored to have a major role in an upcoming series on Disney+, one that may start filming sooner than thought.


Fury is reportedly expected to be produced with the next batch of Marvel Studios shows, with filming likely to begin by mid-2021, sometime after Moon Knight and She-Hulk start to roll cameras in the earliest parts of next year, according to Comicbook.com.

After Jackson voiced frustration in a dwindling role in the MCU, the actor sat down with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and discussed an expanded role. That chat led to an appearance in Captain Marvel, and is something that likely helped push a rumored Fury-centric series into development.


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