Director James Gunn is Staffing Up His Daily Planet


If you look up The Daily Planet on Wikipedia, it tells you that it’s a fictional newspaper featured in the DC Comics associated with Superman comics. It also lists eight fictional employees of the paper and James Gunn seems determined to have every one of them in his upcoming film. Clark Kent and Lois Lane were the obvious ones being played by David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan.


Then we heard that Skyler Gisondo was going to play Jimmy Olsen and Wendell Pierce was taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief Perry White. Earlier this week we learned that Beck Bennett of SNL was going to play sports reporter Steve Lombard and then yesterday we found out that Mikaela Hoover would be playing gossip columnist Cat Grant and Christopher McDonald would be playing ace reporter Ron Troupe.


Other than Lana Lang, that’s all the recurring characters from the comics who worked at the paper. Gunn is definitely building his Superman universe quickly. Gunn has confirmed all of these castings as well. Superman will be in theaters July 11th, 2025.



via Deadline

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