Did Rotten Tomatoes Change Their Website Over… Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel has been dealing with multiple issues around not only the movie, but more specifically, the film’s star Brie Larson. The outspoken actress has turned many moviegoers off to the upcoming MCU film and therefore people have been speaking out. 

Several have been speaking out via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, even including the Rotten Tomatoes website. Other commentors have observed the movie review aggregate site’s “Want to See” ratio steadily drop from its original 95%, then to around 50%, and finally to as low as 26% before the website decided to strike the popular feature from its platform.

Strike back they did, by changing the ENTIRE website. It wasn’t just for the Captain Marvel movie. Nope. There will no be longer be any “Want to See” scores, and commenting on pre-release movies has been disabled. 

In my video below, I go through the rest of the changes and why I think this relates directly back to Captain Marvel and even Brie Larson herself.


MCU | Rotten Tomatoes Changes ENTIRE Website Because of Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)

Tristen Just

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