Dean DeBlois Tapped to Direct 2021 Live-Action Micronauts Movie


THR reports that Dean DeBlois, the filmmaker who wrapped up his celebrated How to Train Your Dragon trilogy earlier this year, has found his first post-Dragon project.

After going big with dragons and animation, the filmmaker is going small and live-action with Micronauts, Paramount’s take on the Hasbro toy line. DeBlois will tackle writing duties and will direct.


Micronauts were action figures made in the late 1970s by now-defunct Mego based on a line by Japanese toy company Takara titled Microman. The toys were a big seller for a time and a Marvel Comics comic followed, which helped establish a storyline for the line.

It is unclear what the new take is but has been described as centering on a group of intergalactic explorers.

Paramount has a June 4, 2021 release date set.

Meghan Murphy

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