David Harbour Wraps Up His Filming on the MCU’s ‘Thunderbolts’


One of the upcoming Marvel team movies is about to start filming while another is wrapping up. The recent announcement that The Fantastic Four will start filming the day after Comic-Con comes as we learn that Thunderbolts* is just about done with most actors already being finished and David Harbour posting that he has wrapped as well.


Harbour joined the MCU in Black Widow as Natasha’s “father” and the Soviet Union’s version of Captain America, Red Guardian. In the new movie he will be joining his other “daughter,” Yelena, on a team working for the US government. Harbour posted to Instagram an image of what looks to be a Red Guardian propaganda poster from the past and said, “Wrapped. Loved making this. Love the ‘bolts’. #thunderbolts* #redguardian”.


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The asterisk after the title is still getting people, believing there will be a name change to something like “the Dark Avengers” … but maybe they’re just going to add to the title… like maybe it will be Thunderbolts v Sentry




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