Common Ground: How are Disney’s Hawkeye and Netflix’s Daredevil Connected?


Has the new Hawkeye series already made a connection to the Netflix Daredevil series? And does it prove any of the rumors of Vincent D’Onofrio’s return as Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin? The Disney+ series is introducing Echo/Maya Lopez as played by Alaqua Cox, who is tied directly to Fisk and Matt Murdock in the comics, but another connection we saw already could be quite telling.


According to Pierre Chanliau at The Direct:


the hotel we see in the first episode, the one with the ballroom and then the black-market auction going on downstairs in the wine cellar is the Lotte New York Palace Hotel in real life. And while it doesn’t get a name in Hawkeye, it does get a name in Daredevil, the Presidential Hotel and it’s a prominent set piece in season three of the Netflix series. This is the hotel where Fisk serves his house-arrest, and it becomes his de facto headquarters throughout the season.



This makes the hotel a prime spot for criminal activity and a good place to host a black-market auction if you’re hoping the Kingpin will be in attendance. In the comics the Track Suit Mafia is run by Fisk, and I could see him deciding to use his muscle instead of his wallet if there was something at the auction he really wanted. While this is just speculation, and the hotel could just be a great place to shoot… it otherwise makes a good connection between the two series if they wanted to go that route.    


We first reported back in January that Vincent D’Onofrio was in talks to reprise his role as Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin in the MCU. Could this be another confirmation that the talks ended with a deal?

Mandy Parker

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