Color Out of Space: Nic Cage Goes Nutzoid, Again – to Critical Acclaim


One thing in life is certain; never discount Nic Cage’s ability to crank a performance up to new extremes. So after Mandy, the Wicker Man re-make, Mom & Dad, Army of One, Vampire’s Kiss, Face-Off, Wild at Heart and Lord knows how many others, Cage returns to the fray more unhinged than ever and loaded for bear.


Teaming with eccentric Brit director Richard Stanley for his first movie in decades, Color Out of Space finds Cage in HP Lovecraft country, facing a Cthulu-like menace intent on changing the Earth into something more like its horrifying home dimension. Reviews have been positive – with Cage’s oddball performance earning praise, as at least this time the movie’s scenario appears to be simpatico with whatever out-there method is behind his thespian madness.


Here’s the trailer for Color Out of Space, followed by some reminders of a true master at work; over to you Mr Cage:


Color Out of Space - Official Final Trailer (2020) Nicolas Cage

Not the Bees - Nic Cage in The Wicker Man

Mom and dad-hilarious pool table scene

Vampire's Kiss (6/11) Movie CLIP - A Horrible Job (1988) HD

Face Off (1997) - Hallelujah scene ( Cage goes wild )

Army of One knife throwing scene (nicolas cage)

and finally…wait for it…uh-oh:

Nick Cage - Kill and Point (Wild At Heart)




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