‘Chucky’ Series Creator Teases More Legacy Characters for Season 2


There’s a second season of Chucky coming, and fans are wondering what it will be like. After a finale that introduced Tiffany in her doll form as well as setting up the idea of an army of Chucky dolls, and a season that featured some recurring characters and concepts from the years leading up to the next wave of stories, series creator Don Mancini teased in a recent interview that while the series marches forward, it’s going to do so while honoring what came before. Specifically, it’s likely fans will meet back up with a number of characters from past installments of the cult-favorite film franchise.



In the Chucky finale, Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany and Chucky are arguing when she drops a bomb on him: “Did you ever wonder how those cops find you that night in Chicago?” This cues a flashback to the 1980s, where a young Tiffany laments to a young Chucky that they don’t kill anyone together anymore, prompting Chucky to leave the apartment. Once he’s gone, Tiffany picks up the phone and calls the police, asking for Detective Mike Norris (Child’s Play‘s Chris Sarandon), revealing that Tiffany turned Chucky over to the cops, leading to his original death (and Chucky’s decades-long life inside Good Guy Dolls).


“I love those characters, and you probably haven’t seen the last of them,” Mancini said. “Stay tuned.”



via ComicBook.com

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