Charlie Cox May Be the Only Guy NOT Getting a Spider-Man 3 Cameo


When the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer came out, there were many fans who made assumptions based on partial images and feeding into the ton of rumors that exist for the film on-line. One of the persistent rumors is that Charlie Cox will be making an appearance in the film as Matt Murdock. This would make a lot of sense as when the film opens, it does look like Peter Parker (Tom Holland) needs a lawyer. Cox played Murdock on three season of Daredevil and one season of The Defenders on Netflix which is no longer considered cannon to the MCU. But Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige spoke highly of Cox’s performance and a few others, fueling speculation that some of the characters may find their way into the MCU again.



All of this leads up to a scene in the trailer where Peter is in an interrogation room and someone in a white shirt with rolled up sleeves slaps a handful of folders down on the table. The internet community was quick to assume that this was Cox, comparing the amount of arm hair on the unidentified man to images of Cox from Daredevil. For his part, the actor has come out and said definitively that he is not in the trailer. He doesn’t say he’s not in the film, just not in the trailer. If this wasn’t enough evidence, the trailer is now being shown prior to Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings screenings on IMAX and with the expanded ratio, you can now clearly see that this is not Charlie Cox. Now that that’s cleared up… we can focus on the picture of Peter with devil horns clearly meaning Mephisto is coming… right?


John Pallister

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